A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is a prototype made in  7  days (playtest, builds, release included).

It's a twin stick shooter where you have to defend your asteroid (given to you by an old drunk Ewok) from the enemies wave after wave. You have the possibility to unlock perks in order to progress the furthest possible!


  • Mouse/keyboard:
    • Movement: arrow keys
    • Aim: mouse
    • Shoot: left-click
  • Controller:
    • Movement: left stick
    • Aim: right stick
    • Shoot: right trigger


The requirements for this game were that it had to be a space themed shmup using the given assets, that you should be able to move and shoot, and that enemies should be able to shoot and die.

For what is about the builds, I've only been able to test the Windows one, but hopefully it goes all well for the MacOs one (but I've some doubts about the controller support with this one :x).

For the controller support, I've only test it with an Xbox360, so the best compatibility would be with one of this kind.

The scoreboard only saves your best score, you can't be twice in the scoreboard with the same name.

Enjoy! :)


TAOM - Window x64.zip 16 MB
TAOM - Mac x64.zip 17 MB

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