Hey !

First Ludum Dare here for me !

So this is a pretty simple game local multiplayer trying to fit the theme of the LD36 which is "Ancient Technology".

For the character on the left, you control it with a controller (only tested with an Xbox 360 controller) :

  • Movement : left pad
  • Look : right pad
  • Shoot : right trigger
  • Pickup : A Button

And the other character is controlled with the combo keyboard/mouse :

  • Movement : arrow pad
  • Look : mouse
  • Shoot : left click
  • Pickup : right click

All the programming and art done by myself (except shaders and skybox). I used Unity to develop it, and I learned during the weekend how to use MagicaVoxel, Blender and Mixamo for all the graphics and animation part.

Unfortunately not enough time for sounds or some more animations, but in the next few days I hope to do so!

EDIT: At the moment this is an updated version that is presented here, I changed a bit the gameplay, made a whole new map, improved the controls, added some more animations/particles and a bit of UI as well!


Windows (Better graphics than WebGL) 14 MB
Android for Cardboard VR 22 MB

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